depilacion láser diodo
SAM_0971CMl-8085diode laser hair removal 808nm

Depilacion láser diodo,CML-808


  1. Quick, painless;
  2. Effective in depilation;
  3. Easy Menu Navigation

Product Description


Diode Laser Hair Removal —- CML 808 is the latest innovative product, overthrow traditional therapy laser removal technology, making the virtual removal treatment painless hair. 808nm diode laser is the gold standard for hair removal. Light at 808nm wavelength is absorbed by melanin and at the same time significantly reduce water absorption and haematoglobin. The mtratamiento is safe for the skin.

Depilacion láser diodo,CML-808



808nm diode laser hair removal:

Maximum frequency of 10Hz 808nm diode laser beam uniformly penetrate through the epidermis into the dermis and is absorbed by melanin in the hair and hair follicle, producing photo-thermal effect, the embodiment of power section hair at the hair root, temperature increase of melanin and decomposition thereof. To get the effect of hair removal.



THE sapphire Cooling System Touch (Touch cooling system):

THE sapphire Cooling System Touch, ensures reliable and consistent effects of cooling on the skin surface. With Maximum Comfort and Safety.
When it begins to release energy, Cooling System works automatically tactile sapphire. The temperartura from 0 to -3 ℃ ℃ increases comfort during treatment.


  1. Quick, painless: “Fast mode” as the biggest features is designed for maximum comfort.
  2. Effective in depilation: Effectively removes hair on all skin types for areas: face, underarms, back, legs, arms and bikini line.
  3. Easy Menu Navigation: Several proposals recomentable treatment lead to easy navigation. With many years of esperencias and clinical studies, treatment diversification proposals are concluded according to different skin types and skin areas. Furthermore, the operator may freely adjust the processing parameters according to the particular needs.




Parámetros Técnicos:

Energy 2500W
Laser Type Diode laser
Wavelength 808nm±5nm
Energy density 1~ 120j/cm2
Size of Spot 10*16mm
frequency 110Hz
Sapphire Cooling System táctil 0℃—-  -5℃
Cooling System agua + air + semiconductor
Packing Dimension 82*60*125cm
Net Weight 71kg
Pulse duration 3850ms

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Additional Information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 64 × 49 × 51 cm


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