Acupressure apparatus,CML-609

Main Application:

  • Infrared sauna clothing to reduce fat;
  • Electronic muscle stimulation to tighten skin;
  • Pressure therapy for massages and toxin.

Product Description

CML-609 Acupressure apparatus

CML-609 is apparatus pressure therapy, pressure therapy is an ideal treatment to complement cavitation.
It is a method that is used to facilitate the removal of fat by activating the lymphatic drainage system. It was initially released for therapeutic purposes to help improve the health of those with poor circulation and fluid retention.

Acupressure is a medical and aesthetic treatment that uses air pressure to perform lymphatic drainage. Among the benefits of acupressure, highlighting the treatment of edema, correction of disturbances in the circulatory system and the ability to eliminate cellulite, reduce and prevent future cellulite formations.

Acupressure treatment is delivered through covers or boots (special acupressure) covering the legs and buttocks, through which the body is made on a positive pressure which alternates in ascending order, so it is acupressure also called sequential. Through these pressure waves, acupressure stimulates the circulatory system, generating a lymphatic drainage and thus contributing to the elimination of liquids, fats and toxins that produce cellulite, edema, lymphedema and venous disorders such as varicose veins.

With Pressure Therapy treatments can make patients with demands for health, wellness, beauty and relaxation. The Presso is the first professional model for all requirements of two positions, with

the following features:

Two sequential programs: the pressure-regulating speed control inflation cycles, sleep timer.

  • Program A program sequence A simulated manual massage performed by a physical therapist who performs lymphatic drainage treatment.
  • Program B Program B sequence effects the pressure throughout the leg (or arm or abdomen), over its entire surface from the most extreme (foot or hand). Thanks to this type of treatment achieves the maximum movement of liquid through an actual vacuum mechanism.


Pressure therapy is one of the most effective systems to assist and promote proper blood circulation: thanks to inflation sequence stimulates venous return and relax muscle tension. Furthermore, the pressure allows excess interstitial fluid spilled into the circulatory system to be removed, thereby assisting the operation of the lymph system. Very useful also in cases of swelling, fatigue and tiredness in the limbs, is a valid help anti stress and relaxing. Due to its effect on the body, acupressure treatment is useful for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes (water retention and cellulite).


  • Anti cellulite treatments
  • Water retention
  • Bruising after cosmetic surgery treatment
  • Drainage of the arm (after mastectomy)
  • Relax and Massage – drain legs and buttocks
  • Edema

Supplied with 1 compressor, 2 pairs of boots (4 boots for the treatment of two patients at the same time) with accessories for use simultaneously, one arm cables.

Parameter     Parameter                   scope Note

Duration        01min-60min            Treatment Time

FIR TEMP1   30℃-80℃ FIR-1       to arm

FIR TEMP2   30℃-80℃ FIR-2      to his belly,

FIR TEMP3   30℃-80℃ FIR-3      for the foot and leg.


2 compressors with 2 sequential programs

Speed ​​control inflation cycles (5-speed)

External dimensions: 415 x 264 x 300 mm

Net weight: 8.0kg + 13.0kg

Gross weight: 10.0kg + 15.0kg

AC Voltage:110V o 220V


Air Pressure:(50 ~ 80) ~ 280 mmHg ± 10%




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