Cryolipolysis+Laser lipolisis,CML-603


  • Enfrigeracion liposcucion;
  • Reduce Fat

Product Description

That is cryolipolisis?

Laser lipolysis or LipoLaser is different from the the apparatus of cavitation Cryolipolysis is the only advanced technique that really destroys without surgery, which was purchased from new in great treatment is equal to the result of liposuction. This system eliminates the adipocyte conjelación definitely like is removed by a liposucción.La secion most seutilizan technologies for these purposes in the world, only fat and ejects sedisuelve adipocytes, ie not destroy the adipocyte this so the volume can be recovered by not following a diet adecuada.La Cryolipolysis liposuction and surgical treatment are only effective in the world to eliminate fat so definitiva.El new treatment to reduce the volume of fat and sagging skin . triglycerides As can become particularly low temperature solid .. This advanced cooling technology selectivament making a treatment of the fat cells of difficult to dissolve without damaging surrounding tissues to reduce fat not desired, the fat cells in cooling precise cause movement natural fat layer grasa.las reduce fat cells in the treated regions is also excreted with normal body metabolism, thus reducing obesity to dissolve unwanted fat.

What is SmartLipo or Lipolase?

Laserlipolysis technique (lipolaser) involves destruction of excess fatty tissue accumulated transcutaneous emitting a laser light selected for its ability to destroy grasa.La laserlipolysis technique (lipolaser) is designed to obtain an effective reaction in the skin accessing the destruction of fat deposits, favoring its shrinkage after performing the technique. This makes it easier to treat areas inaccessible to conventional liposuction, as well as the inside of the arms and thighs, abdomen with presence or absence of associated loose, bra rolls, chin and contoured facial oval. It is also effective for liposuction previous tinkering with bad behavior result or uneven skin.’s A very effective tool to outline the banana subgluteal, love handles, thighs and knees, where skin tightening treatments (Thigthening) obtained is crucial for a good resolution.



  • Enfrigeracion liposcucion
  • Reduce Fat

Technical Specifications:

Number of head piezad 2 cabezales
Uno para cuerpo
Uno para los brazos y los muslos
Screen La pantalla tactil en color de 8
power 1000W
Device output temperature
-10 ℃ ~ 5 ℃ grado
Output Pressure Vacuum 0-150 Kpa
Liquid Cooling Agua puro
Cooling System Wiento + agua + semiconductor
voltage 220V/50Hz o 110V/50Hz o
Dimension 110CMX65CMX65CM(L×W×H)
weight 91KG

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Additional Information

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 58 × 50 × 33 cm